Women’s pelvic health care + self care

Do you feel disconnected from your pelvic bowl and your menstrual cycle? Are you relying on painkillers during your menstrual flow? Self-medicate with chocolate to calm down rage and tension premenstruum? But otherwise not aware of where you are in your monthly cycle?

Maybe you are trying to understand your ovulation as you prepare to conceive, dealing with PCOS or endometriosis. Or you want to transition from the pill to your natural cycle.

But you don’t know where to start. Or how to understand and reconnect with your body’s rhythm again. Working together I can offer support through my experience as an ayurvedic practitioner, clinical aromatherapist and women's health specialist.


How to create pelvic health

My feminine pelvic health care + self care work is to support women to reconnect and honour our cyclic nature and our womb.

Bringing awareness and reconnecting to our pelvic bowl and monthly cycle is my passion and continuous research topic. This is what I teach to my clients and students.

How does feminine pelvic health care consultations work?

The consultation is a gateway to honouring your cyclic nature and how to work with it rather than ignore or disconnect from it. We look at the monthly rhythms from a Western as well as an Ayurvedic view making it holistic and completely relevant to you personally. 

Menstrual treatment plans

Our work may be more of a coaching session where you learn how to utilise the power of the different seasons of your cycle. It may involve lifestyle changes, diet, daily self care practises

If needed I prescribe herbs, yoga practises, breathing or meditative techniques

The treatment plan can also include abdominal and sacral (lower back) aromatherapy massage to help digestion, circulation and personalised essential oil blends.



Let's start your feminine self care journey

I see clients at Laroma Therapies in Worthing. Expect a consultation to last up to 75 minutes (£60) and for subsequent treatments such as abdominal/sacral massage to last up to 55 minutes (£55).

To book please email me at info [at] yogaembodied.com.

Appointments in Worthing or online

Can't make it to Worthing? Send me an email and we can arrange a consultation via Skype/online.